Wholesome Attitude Program (WAP)

  • WAP was developed by our founder, Mr Lok Chong Hong. The program features various Neuro-Linguistic Progamming (NLP) elements which helps to empower one’s model and transform one’s behaviour. WAP focuses on inspiring organisations to discover and release their full potential through attitude and mindset training. Ultimately, participants will learn to be more positive, grateful and dedicated to their organisation. Most importantly, the programme aims to inspire participants to spark from within.

Wholesome Leadership Programme (WLP)

  • WLP was developed by our founder, Mr Lok Chong Hong. The program puts participants into a proven platform where they will be tested to perform exceeding their current capacity in terms of leadership skills, influencing power and convincing pitching capability.
  • This programme was designed to empower every individuals whether you are a lawyer, engineer, tutor or any profession.
  • Integrating tonality, body language and expressive art to bring out the innermost potential of one person.
  • Improving your structure effectiveness.
  • Learn how to use body language to touch one individual

Wholesome Organization Integration (WOI)

Quarterly Review

  • Ensuring that a team is on track is an important element within an organization.
  • That is why we need to have frequent review on performances.
  • However, having the same environment; same individuals, same culture, you will limit your learning potential. That is why WOI encourages teams from different organisations to be participate together in this program.
  • Through the integration, participants can get a new perspective, learn new things from other teams.
  • It helps to save time, cost and other resources. It provides a new outlook on things.

PK Matching

  • Competition brings improvement.
  • Whoever it is difficult to find the right opponent to stimulate us to strive better. WOI provides the right system to help people match opponents.
  • In order to provide the right environment to help people, get the best expectations from a healthy competition, this program is for those who are willing to strive better.
  • It provides a standard which emphasize on fairness and just right environment.

Wholesome Resource Management (WRM)

  • Training is a necessity. Sharpening your skills is an endless process, to make a program to happen is difficult when we do not have the right resources. WRM focuses on integrating resources to make Wholesome programmes happen.
  • All you need to do is to provide us with your contact information. WRM is a platform which match and compile resources to make programmes happen.

Wholesome Recruitment Programme (WRP)

  • Recruitment is like a continuous stream of river, it supports the very core of life. Identifying and recruitment potential team members will help to ensure that the stream flows non-stop. WRP is glad to provide the system to help organisations recruit the right team members.
  • It is not a easy task to perform recruitment and at the same time maintaining one’s responsibility in ensuring the continuous growth of the company. Thus WRP helps to recruit and train new members to ensure that the team members of the organisation does not deviate and put full focus on each of their responsibilities.