Wholesome Academy was founded by Mr Lok Chong Hong. Throughout his effortless and dedicated years of experience in training, coaching and mentoring various organisations, he found out that the biggest obstacles to success is that individuals do not recognise their own potential. His strong enthusiasm sparked the start of Wholesome Academy during 2014. Combined with the vast experience and contribution of ideas from successful people encouraged him to create Wholesome Attitude Programme (WAP).

He found out that there are three elements in making one person successful. First element, peace within. Only when people know who they are, then they can have the confidence to position themselves in the globe. Second Element is peace between. Only when people know how to interact with others, they can start contributing to the world. Third element is peace among. When a person is able to understand their relation to the world, that is when they can position themselves in the world based on their potential.

Most of the training focuses on behavioural changes. WAP focuses on experiential Training which helps individuals to identify their model and start reflecting on how they can have peace within. It is only when you contribute to others, you get to experience peace within. Only when one knows how to make the world a better place, then only you know your position within the world.

This point was the spark of WAP. Throughout the process of running WAP, it was found that individuals needed more and that is when more programmes were developed to match the gaps. That is why we have Wholesome Academy today.